Shisapangma Expedition 8012m (26286ft) Shishapangma is one of the least well known of the world’s fourteen highest peaks.

Shisapangma Expedition 8012m (26286ft)


Shishapangma is one of the least well known of the world’s fourteen highest peaks.

Sishanpangma is the least 8000m(26286ft) peak to be climbed, and is the only one entirely within Tibet. Sishapangma is most visible and easily visited 8000 mete peaks; Shishapangma(Chi.,Xixabangma) is known to the nepalease as Gosainthan, a sacred abode of the Shiva. The first group of Mountaineers to attempt itsmsummit was a huge Chinese expedition in 1994; they also built a road up to north base camp. The first expedition to attempt the mountain from the south was a British team in 1982. Now the mountain has become one of the most popular climbing peaks in Tibet. There is easily can drive up to the north base camp and it is one of the best peaks for climbing expedition. In the following Itinerary base from Lhasa fly continues to Shishapangma base camp and exit via Zhangmu so far we can also trip beginning from Zhangmu border for this you can just simply send us your inquiry from and we send you all details.




Days 01 : Arrival at Kathmandu. Transfer to hotel.

Days 02 to 04 in Kathmandu for Preparation. then a neplease sherpa team leave to Kodari with expedition staffs and equipments.

Days 05 : Fly to Lhasa (3750m)

Days 06 : In Lhasa: visit Drepung, Sera monasteries (3750m) and Norbulika Palce.

Days 07 : In Lhasa: visit Potala, Jhokhang, and Bharkhor street.

Days 09 : In Lhasa: visit to Ganden monastreies and back to Lhasa

Days 10 : Drive to Shigatse (3900m)

Days 11 : Drive to New Tingri (4350m)

Days 12 : Drive to Shisapangma Base camp (4700m)

Days 13-14 : Sishapangma Base camp

Days 15 : Base Camp to Advanced Base camp

Days 15 : Advanced base camp

Days 17-37: Climbing period

Days 38 : Drive back to Shisapangma base camp

Days 39 : Drive to Nyalam

Days 40 : Drive Nyalam to Kathmandu; transfer to the Hotel

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