Trans Zanskar I

Trans Zanskar I

Description- Part I of the very well known and advertized Trans Zanskar trek from Padum in Zanskar to Darcha in Himachal with villages, homestays and tea tents all along the way.


Look out for- Zanskar, Phukthar Gompa, Zanskar, Ki Village, Zanskar, mountains that seem to change colour, Zanskar, lake atop ShingoLa, Zanskar.


Start Point – Padum (N33 27.605 E76 52.800, 3601 mts), District Kargil, Jammu and Kashmir, India


End Point – Chikka/Rarik (N32 42.684 E77 10.247, 3598 mts), District Lahaul and Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India


Highest Point – Shingo La (N32 54.525 E77 12.017, 5056 mts)


Lowest Point – Chikka/Rarik, District Lahaul and Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India


Difficulty Level – Moderate: High pass and long distance overcompensated by a simple trail, villages, homestays, availability of food, relatively high trekking traffic and minimal gradient.


No of days – 8-10




Small lake near Shingo La

Small lake near Shingo La


Sample Itinerary


Day Start Point End Point Stay Options

1 Padum Reru Camp Site, Home Stay

2 Reru Pipula Camp Site, Tea Tent

3 Pipula Purne Camp Site, Home Stay, Guest House

4 Purne Table Camp Site, Home Stay

5 Table Kargyak Camp Site, Home Stay

6 Kargyak Lakang Camp Site, Tea Tent

7 Lakang Zanskar Sumdo Camp Site, Tea Tent

8 Zanskar Sumdo Darcha Hotels in Keylong



Trek Profile


Trek Elevation ProfileAttached aside is an elevation profile of this trek. The X Axis of the graph shows the horizontal distance while the Y Axis shows the elevation. All the major waypoints on the trek have been plotted on this graph along with their elevations. The distance between waypoints along with the approximate ‘moving time’ between each waypoint has also been provided. This assumes a moderate walking pace with no stops at all.

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