Hiking In Italy



Our highlights regarding trekking hiking via ferrata at Lake Garda or in the Dolomites Italy or on the Greek Island Kalymnos have not been chosen by our alpine school but are the preferences of our customers in the 20 years of our activity. Please click on the image for a complete program of our trips and courses.


BRENTA TREK DOLOMITES ITALY With our proposal of the Brenta Trek Italy, we would like to offer a 5 days trekking trip from lodge to lodge crossing from the South to the North, the entire Brenta Dolomites Italy Group, with overnight stay in the mountain lodges, suitable for everybody. The participants only need to have a good physical condition and some experience in hiking trips in the mountains.

This via ferrata course at Lake Garda Italy is destined for persons who love trekking or mountain walks, and for whom who would like to try themselves in the vertical world in complete safety. The rock climbing experience of this day is very important for the performance of our via ferrata course. The next two days we will climb the most beautiful via ferratas in the Lake Garda Italy Area. VIA FERRATA COURSE LAKE GARDA ITALY

VIA FERRATA BRENTA DOLOMITES ITALY The offer of the mountaineering School Lake Garda consists of the Crossing of Brenta Dolomites Italy from North to the South in five or three days, with overnight stay in the alpine lodges. The layer conformation of the rocks in the Brenta Dolomites permits the access to the many ledges which are cutting the big walls transversely. On these ledges are running the via ferrata delle Bocchette, from one pass to another, across the entire Brenta Dolomites Italy Group.

The top of Marmolada Dolomites is famous and the via ferrata on the Western Crest is a dream of many mountaineers like the “Normal route” of Mont Blanc. The via ferrata on the crest of Marmolada is classified as difficult but as always the difficulty at high altitude depends on the environmental conditions which can vary extremely in the Dolomites. Obviously, for this type of via ferrata it is necessary to have a good physical condition and sometimes even the use of the rope is necessary. MARMOLADA DOLOMITES ITALY

TREKKING KALYMNOS GREECE Every time we went fascinated by the views, wildness and solitude of this territory, on Kalymnos Island in Greece we can hike many hours meeting only the goats, or take a swim in a solitary bay. The program of our Trekking hiking School Arco lake Garda Italy consists of five days hiking on the Island and one day is destined for an easy rock climbing experience or rest. We sleep in the best hotel on the Island and we will choose the most traditional good restaurant. We will make possible the best trekking vacation come true, not only in Greece!

This alpine base course is destined for persons who love hiking, trekking and via ferrata but would like to extend their knowledge in the rocks and on glaciers. The program of our mountaineering course consists of two days rock climbing in the crags near Lake Garda Italy and following we move for three days to the Marmolada Dolomites Alps. The teaching regards climbing techniques in every mountaineering situation, rope manouvres, rappelling and self rescue exercises on the rocks and glaciers in the Alps of Italy. ALPINE COURSE DOLOMITES ITALY

VIA FERRATA COURSE BRENTA DOLOMITES The Brenta Dolomites group is similar to the more famous Eastern Dolomites but the rock walls and pillars there are bigger, the enviroment harder and wilder therefore less touristical and more alpine. Through these multicolor fantastic walls runs the famous track of “Via ferrata Bocchette del Brenta” which is ideal to exercise our via ferrata courses in the Brenta Dolomites. This course is destined for people who have a little experience in high mountains or via ferrata or for very athletic and adventurous participants.

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