Chamba-Kangra Over the Jalsu Pass Trek

Chamba-Kangra Over the Jalsu Pass

Description- Another of the popular Dhauladhar treks through a popular shepherd route, its through a pass different from all other Dhauladhar passes. The granite formations are conspicuous by their absence.


Look out for- Shepherds and their herds around Aug-Sep, Manimahesh Peak from Jalsu Pass.


Start Point – Lake Wali Mata (N32 16.536 E76 40.308, 2237 mts), District Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, India


End Point – Uttarala (N32 06.470 E76 39.218, 1350 mts), District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India


Highest Point – Jalsu Pass (N32 10.929 E76 41.018, 3425 mts), District Kangra/Chamba, India


Lowest Point – Uttarala (N32 06.470 E76 39.218, 1350 mts), District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India


Difficulty Level – Easy


No of days – 4-5


Sample Itinerary


Day Start Point End Point Stay Options

1 Lamu Lake wali Mata Lake wali Mata temple

2 Lake wali Mata Yada Goth FRH Yada, Camp Site

3 Yada Goth Khodtru Dhar Huts

4 Khodtru Dhar Uttrala –



Trek ProfileTrek Elevation Profile

Trek Elevation Profile



Attached aside is an elevation profile of this trek. The X Axis of the graph shows the horizontal distance while the Y Axis shows the elevation. All the major waypoints on the trek have been plotted on this graph along with their elevations. The distance between waypoints along with the approximate ‘moving time’ between each waypoint has also been provided. This assumes a moderate walking pace with no stops at all. The trail runs above the road from Lamu to Lake wali Mata and can be substituted by a bus ride.


The graph has been created using the GPX file of the track data for this trek and manually inserting the waypoints at the relevant places. Click on the image beside to get a larger image. To save or print the image, right click–>save as once the large image opens.


Note: You can swap the start and end points of the trek to improve accessibility. Note however that this will make the climb to Jalsu much tougher from Uttaral.

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