Description- A strenuous trek through an almost non existent trail in the lower reaches of Dhauladhars around Dharamshala, taking you through thick jungles with very little human presence.


Look out for- Wild life including bears, Monals (Himalayan Pheasants), wild goats, close ups of Mon Peak Dhauladhar Matterhorn peak.


Start Point – Sidhbari (N32 11.097 E76 22.074, 1151 mts), District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India


End Point – Thathri (N32 13.867 E76 21.885, 1632 mts), District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India


Highest Point – Gadela (N32 14.597 E76 23.198, 2768 mts), District Kangra, India


Lowest Point – Sidhbari, District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India


Difficulty Level – Moderate: Narrow steep and rocky trail, at times through bushes and on steep slopes.


No of days – 4-5


Sample Itinerary


Day Start Point End Point Stay Options

1 Sidhbari Chakke Ka Nahar Huts, Camp Site

2 Chakke Ka Nahar Haudi ka Kanda Haudi ki Goth, Camp Site

3 Haudi ka Kanda Diwala Huts, Camp Site

4 Diwala Thathri Dharamshala



Trek ProfileTrek Elevation Profile

Trek Elevation Profile



Attached aside is an elevation profile of this trek. The X Axis of the graph shows the horizontal distance while the Y Axis shows the elevation. All the major waypoints on the trek have been plotted on this graph along with their elevations. The distance between waypoints along with the approximate ‘moving time’ between each waypoint has also been provided. This assumes a moderate walking pace with no stops at all.

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