Bada Bhangal Trek Route

Bada Bhangal


Description– A challenging, long trek to perhaps the remotest village culture in Himachal across 2 passes along an ancient route

Look out for- Bada Bhangal (the village itself), high pass views, lakes near the passes, monsoon flowers, meadows, just too many things to name here.

Start Point – Bir (N32 02.633 E76 43.537, 1525 mts), District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India

End Point – Sangchar (N32 09.973 E77 09.064, 2415 mts), District Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

Highest Point(s) – Thamsar Pass (N32 13.558 E76 46.665, 4747 mts), District Kangra & Kaliheni pass (N32 13.183 E77 02.964, 4844 mts), District Kangra/Kullu

Lowest Point – Bir, District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India

Difficulty Level – Very Hard: 2 high passes with discernible shortage of oxygen, long duration, heavy loads to carry for rations, freezing waist/chest deep stream crossings.

No of days – 12-14


Day Start Point End Point Stay Options
1 Bir Billing Camp Site, FRH Billing
2 Billing Plachek Camp Site, FRH Plachek
3 Plachek Panhartoo Camp Site
4 Panhartoo Bhedpal Camp Site
5 Bhedpal Marhu Camp Site
6 Marhu Bada Bhangal Camp Site, FRH Bada Bhangal, village
7 Bada Bhangal Sunni Thach Camp Site, Shepherd Huts
8 Sunni Thach Lumba Padh Camp Site, Shepherd Huts
9 Lunba Padh Devi ka Marh Camp Site, Shepherd Huts
10 Devi ka Marh Theli Camp Site
11 Theli Riyali Thach Camp Site
12 Riyali Thach Sangchar Village, Manali/Kullu

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