Sach Pass Trek,Pangi Valley

Sach Pass Trek is considered to be the entrance to the Pangi Valley.
Sach Pass trekking trail that leads to Pangi Valley, located at around 14500 ft, this Pass connects the scenic Pangi tribal valley with its district headquarters Chamba. The pass offers a spectacular view of the show clad peaks, high mountains, and untouched and unspoiled surroundings.

The remotest and the most captivating valley of Himachal Pradesh, Pangi Valley, is blessed with great grandeur and beauty. The valley is not only blessed with natural and scenic beauty, but also offers a number of opportunities for trekking enthusiasts.

Sach Pass trekking trail leads you through lush green landscapes, snow clad peaks, orchards, murmuring streams, thick forests, ancient temples, and more. Trekking here is one of the most adventurous and nerve tingling experiences.

Satrundi is the base for the trek to Sach Pass. From Satrundi to Bindrabani (2800 m) and then the gradual ascend to Sach Pass and from there to Killar, which is the headquarters of Pangi Valley. Sach Pass is considered the oldest and the most popular route to enter Pangi. The trek across the pass is breathtaking especially when it’s covered with snow.

Exact Location: Sach Pass is located in Sach village which is situated about 15 km from Killar. District: Chamba


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