Frozen River (Chadar) Trekking

Frozen River (Chadar) Trekking

Frozen River Trekking at the famous Zanskar River during the peak winters is undoubtedly the most challenging kind of trekking in the world; carrying along the Zanskar ranges in Leh Ladakh. But at the same time we must say, it is the only trekking in Ladakh and other Himalayan areas that brings the tremendous excitements and discovering challenges on the way to Shey, Thiksey, Hemis, Lingshed, Nyarakpulu, Chilling, Padum and then towards Leh.

Chadar Trek is usually a traditional name for walking along the snow covered bed of the Zanskar River during winters to explore the remote areas of the Zanskar Valley. However, this is also a part of the old trade route of the local people; and the Zanskaris (what the locals are being called here) have only one possible option for covering the area during the tough winters and crossing the traces along the Zanskar villages. This 12 to 13 days of strenuous walk from Chilling to Padum is both challenging as well as an incomparably exiting experience.

Quite interestingly, this trekking can be made more rewarding if can be achieved by the experienced trekkers; as the trekking routes will be accustomed with tremendous risks and challenges for the stupendous adventure & sporty event at the Himalayas. Needless to say, walking on the ice-bed is really a life-challenging act; where an experienced guide of the troop of experts will be essential for every trekker coming here for the most bulging wilderness.

Taking grand sketches of the Ladakh and Zanskar ranges through Chadar Trek can be made more rewarding while getting complete leveraging attractions that include:

Humble and genial Zanskari (local) people, highlighting the tribal and traditional Ladakhi life.

The challenging lives of porters and nomads and their struggles for surviving.

Cultural Expeditions by exploring different monasteries like Hemis, Thiksey Monastery and the most famous Shanti Stupa.

A fantastic glimpse of frozen Nyarak Waterfalls

Amazing high-end Zanskar ranges

Incredible sight-seeing at High Stok Kangri ranges and more

DAY 01 : Delhi – Leh (Complete Rest in Leh for acclimatisation)

Take the morning flight for Leh. Check into the guest house and relax the whole day. This is necessary for getting acclimatised. Overnight at the guesthouse.

DAY 02 : Leh – Shey – Thiksey – Hemis

On this day you will go a sightseeing trip to some ancient monasteries in this area.

Shey Gompa is about 15 kms from Leh. It used to be the summer palace of the kings of Ladakh. There are lots of Stupas and Gompas built around the palace. Shey palace was built by Deldan Namgyal in the beginning of 17’Th century AD. Main attraction in Shey is the 12m Shakyamuni Buddha statue inside the Dresthang Gompa.

Thiksey Gompa, close to Shey is about 17 kms from Leh. The monastery is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Ladakh and belongs to the Gelukspa order.

Hemis, about 45 kms south of Leh it is one of the most famous and largest monastery in Ladakh. It belongs to the Drukpa order and was founded in the early 17’Th century. The setting is perfect with the monastery cradled in a lovely valley, surrounded by streams and fronted by long Mani walls. Overnight stay at the guest house.

DAY 03 : Leh – Chilling(5 hrs drive)

In the morning drive to chilling along with our porters from Pishu village of Zanskar, visit coppersmith workshops. Dinner and overnight stay at guest house.

DAY 04 : Chilling – Zaribago

We begin our Chadar trek by walking on the frozen Zanskar river from Chilling to Zaribago. The trek is of about 5 hours. Overnight at Camp.

DAY 05 : Zaribago – Deepyokma

Walk on the frozen Zanskar river for about 4 hours from Zaribago to Deepyokma. Overnight at Camp.

DAY 06 : Deepyokma – Nyrakpulu

Walk for almost 4 to 5 hours from Deepyokma to reach Nyarakpulu below the Nyarak village. Over night at Camp.

DAY 07 : Nyarakpulu – Lingshed

Frozen River (Chadar) Trek Leaving Nyarakpulu it’s a one hour walk to the small village of Lingshed. Enjoy the comfort and cozy atmosphere of a private house with central heating.

DAY 08 : Lingshed

Spend rest of the day in the warmth of a private home in Lingshed. Explore the nearby monasteries, meet the monks and and hospitable people of the village. Overnight stay at the private home.

DAY 09 : Lingshed – Nyarakpulu

Lingshed to Nyarakpulu – a walk of about five hours to the campsite.

DAY 10 : Nyarakpulu – Tso Mopoaldar

Nyarakpulu to Tso Mopoaldar a four hour walk to the campsite.

DAY 11 : Tso Mopoaldar – Tilatdo

Frozen River (Chadar) Trek Mopoaldar to Tilatdo – another day of walking about 5 hours.

DAY 12 : Tilatdo – Chilling – Leh

From Tilatdo walk up to Chilling village from where a Jeep will take you back to the hotel in Leh by evening. Overnight stay at hotel.

DAY 13 : Leh – Delhi

Early in the morning transfer to airport and from here catch a flight for Delhi.

Trip & Services Ends Here.

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