Sangla to Kanda Soroden Trek

Sangla to Kanda Soroden



Day 1: Traveling – Delhi to Chandigarh In normal traffic 4-5 hrs of journey.


Day 2: Travel from Chandigarh to Recong Peo – This is long travel via SHIMLA- RAMPUR BUSHEHER. We will be strting early from Chandigarh.


Day 3: Soroden to Dondyo : 9 Km. : Enroute beautiful pastures. Shepherds are present alongwith domestic animals.


Day 4: Dondyo to Dara village: 12 Km. : It crosses Rupin Pass situated at a height of 14500 ft.


Day 5: Dara is a first village of Dodra Kawar. Dara to Dodra Dawar : 8 Km.:


Day 6: Traveling back to Recong Peo


Day 7: Traveling back to Chandigarh.


Day 8: Traveling back to Delhi – Tour ends.


NOTE: Minimum 1-2 days stay in mountain is suggested- This helps you in enjoying your trek in scenic views of mountains and also to handle altitude.

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