Pasubio Dolomites the mountains of World War I – medium hiking

Pasubio Dolomites the mountains of World War I – medium hiking

Pasubio Group presents the same Dolomite rock as the Brenta Group which explains its second name “The little Dolomites” They are situated between Trentino and Veneto. On a clear day you can normally see the white beaches of Venice from some of the tops of the Pasubio mountain group. In this area used to run the border between Austria and Italy and this is also where the soldiers fought between 1916 to 1918. We can visit many remainders of forts, trenches and tunnels of WW1. The environment offers meadow and forests with easy paths suitable for hiking. The most difficult trekking follows the traces and trenches of WW1 on the ridges and ledges up to the Dolomites rock walls. The Pasubio Group is ca. 1 hr. by car from Lake Garda and is accessible from May to October.

PHOTO Difficult: easy/medium Duration: 6 to 7 hrs.. MPa

dates of hiking trip: see our calendar – upon request No. of participants: 5 Price: EUR 65,00

Meeting point: Rovereto train station – at 8.30 a.m. or in your Hotel at Lake Garda

Description: Tour in particularly scenic landscape against a great historical background. Departing from Rovereto with our mini-van we are heading towards Vicenza. After ca. 60 min by car we have reached the starting point of our hiking tour at “Passo Xomo”. There we find one of the most incredible constructions created by the soldiers who had been fighting here during Word War I: a “trail” built through the rocks – consisting of 52 tunnels some of which are up to 300 m long. Our trekking is following this “road of war” with its tunnels until we reach the mountain lodge “Rifugio Papa” where we can have a snack. Ascent to “Palon Peak” (2.230 m). The entire surrounding area was the arena of the merciless battles during World War I. and is still rich of many remainders. From an alpinistic point of view this trekking tour is not difficult although it is rather long. Wonderful panorama; with good weather it even possible to see Venice and the Adriatic Sea. Back to Rovereto and/or your hotel at Lake Garda.

What to bring: backpack – water – Sandwich – light windcheater – trekking boots – hiking poles – for the crossing of the tunnels a flashlight is absolutely necessary !

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