Mount Everest Expedition (29035ft,) Everest Expedition (From Tibet Side, 8848m)

Mount Everest Expedition (29035ft,)

Everest Expedition (From Tibet Side, 8848m)

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Trip start form Kathmandu via Kodari border transfer by jeep to Everest Everets base camp, with its northern side lying in the Tingri Country. The Tibet name for Mount Everest is Chomolangma (chi., Qomolangma) a great debate has raged for decades over the correct local name and its meaning”the abode of the mother goddess of the Universe” is a common interpretation” mother goddess of the wind”each mountain has its own story and each story is the quintessence of fortitude and steadfastness, a quality that the denizens of the land hold most precious. Share these immortal moments with the mountains and its people. The route is complex and difficult and the summit day long and tiring but the allure of climbing the Everest from the Tibet side is always magical. now there is huge no of expedition from Tibet site after Chinese government open. Base camp is established at Rongbuk glacier at 5180m though the real climbing starts at camp 1 at an elevation of 7000m.The best time for climbing to Mount Everest is generally between May to October through the rongbuk area,




Day 01: Arrival Kathmandu. Transfer to hotel.

Day 02-03: Stay in Kathmandu

Day 04: Drive to Kodari, transfer to hotel

Day 05: Drive to Nyalam, hotel

Day 06: Drive to Shegar, hotel

Day 07: Rest day for acclimatize

Day 08: Drive to Tashizom

Day 09-12: Transfer to Advance Base Camp

Day 13-54: Climbing Period of Everest

Day 55: Back to Advance Base Camp

Day 56: Drive to Old Tingri, hotel

Day 57: Drive to Nalam, hotel

Day 58: Drive to Kathmandu.

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