Manikaran to Keylong over Sara Ugma Pass

Takeover Point: Manali / Delhi

Duration: 12 Days

Season: May to October


Maximum Elevation: 3800 m

Region: Manikaran

Grade : Strenuous


Standard Trekking Plan

Day 1: Takeover from AIRPORT – Most international flights lands in night- we provide takeover from airport and shift to hotel. Take rest. If you are coming from DOMESTIC FLIGHT- you can reach CHANDIGARH same day.


Day 2: Reaching CHANDIGARH – In moderate traffic of DELHI- it can take 5-6 hrs in reaching CHANDIGARH. Chandigarh is modern and planned city of INDIA. Do have a visit in evening at internationaly famous ROCK GARDEN,ROSE GARDEN and SUKHNA LAKE.


Day 3: Reaching MANALI- We start travel after breakfast and very soon we find ourselves in VALLE OF GODS- this is famous KULLU VALLEY.


Day 4: Rest Day – We suggest you to take local walking in mountain as this willhelp you in getting acclimitized to mountain air.


Day 5: /Manali-Manikaran (2653 m), 44 kms By Bus. Manikaran is situated on the right bank of river Parbati. There are several hot water springs at this place which ultimately merge with the river. The air is filled with the strong smell of sulphur. The temperature of water is more than the boiling point making it possible to boil rice etc. in it. There are two religious places belonging to Sikhs and .Hindus.


Day 6: Manikaran-Pulga (2895 m), 12 kms

Pluga is located in a very narrow valley with steep hills. The area is totally forested.


Day 7: Pulga-Tosh, 7 kms

Climb along Pulga nullah through zigzag track. Thick forest cover but campsite available among boulders.


Day 8: Tosh-Budhaban, 8 kms

Climb along the Pulga nullah. Budhaban offers good meadows and camping area.


Day 9: Budhaban-Loshathach, 7 kms

Ali Ratni peak in the Pit Panjal range can be seen from the Thach. Camping site among boulders just below the tongue of the glacier.


Day 10: Thach-Glacier camp, 8 kms

Camp just below the pass. This should be ensured that there are no crevasses in the chosen place. Pegs of tents should be held firmly.


Day 11: Glacier-Phutiruni, 11 kms

Cross Sara Umga pass before midday, Once across it, the descent to Phutiruni in the Lahaul valley is gruelling because of steepness. From Pass good view of Central Lahaul mountains can be had. Phutiruni is uninhabited.


Day 12: Phutiruni-Chhota Dara (3760 m), 16 kms

Follow the right bank of river Chandra. This place is reached via Batal which earlier had a rest house now ruined by avalanches, Famous glacier Bara Shigri is seen in all its majesty from this place.


Day 13: Chhota Dara-Chhatru (3360m), 16 kms

Along the right bank of Chandra, there is a PWD rest house at Chhatru and a Dhaba during the open season. Ruins of old village devastated by Chandra can be seen. At Gramphu, 5 kms short of Khoksar one meets the metalled road.

Day 14: Khoksar-Sissu (3120 m), 14 kms

Along the right bank of the river. The valley flattens out at Sissu and appears strikingly green. Visit the waterfall on the left bank and the temple of Lord Ghepan, the supreme deity of Lahaul. Also visit two fountain slabs, one lying near the bridge and the other near the temple. There is a PWD rest house at Sissu. Permit obtainable at Khoksar.


Day 15: Sissu-Gondhla (3160 m),12 kms

Along the right bank of the river, one can see beautiful precipices opposite Gondhla. PWD rest house available here. Visit Tower of Gondhla and rock carvings near the Govt. School at Gondhla.


Day 16: Gondhla-Keylong (3156 m),18 kms

Upto Tandi follow the road. Tandi is the confluence of rivers Chandra and Bhaga. From Tandi follow the right bank of river Bhaga.


Day 17: Back to Manali-Hotel Stay


Day 18: Back to Chandigarh –Hotel Stay


Day 19: Back to Delhi –Hotel Stay


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