The Great Glacier Adamello trekking – the historical Peak Lobbia Alta

The Great Glacier Adamello trekking – the historical Peak Lobbia Alta

PHOTO Difficult: medium/alpinistic Duration: 2 days MAd

dates of hiking trip: see our calendar – upon request No. of participants: 3 Price: EUR 230,00

Meeting point: Rovereto train station – at 7.00 a.m. or in your Hotel at Lake Garda Italy

Description: Tour in a very scenic landscape against an important historical background. Departing from Rovereto or from your hotel at Lake Garda with our mini-van, we are heading towards Madonna di Campiglio. After appx. 90 min. by car we we arrive in Genova Valley which is the starting point of our trekking tour. After an ascent of ca. 5 hrs. on the “Matarot path”, big elevation difference and partially alpinistic on easy via ferrata, we will arrive at the mountain lodge “Rifugio Lobbie” (3.040 m) directly on the Adamello glacier where we will spend the night. On the following day ascent to “Lobbie Glacier” and further on to the historically very important “Lobbia peak”, recently dedicated to Pope Giovanni Paolo II. The “White War” has left behind many remainders even at this elevated altitude. The duration of the climbing ascent from the lodge to the peak and back is about 1 hrs. For the way back from the Peak to Rifugio “Citta’ di Trento” (2.450 m. – possibility of lunch) crossing Mandron glacier, one should calculate 4 hrs. hiking time. Other 2 hrs. from the lodge to Genova valley and to our mini-van. Back to Rovereto and/or your hotel at Lake Garda.

What to bring: backpack – water – sandwich – windcheater – trekking boots (suitable to use with crampons) – gloves – hat/cap – sunglasses – sleeping sheet.

Technical equipment: pick, crampons, harness (will be provided by the Mountain Guide) The rental of the technical equipment is included in the price.

Note: for the overnight stay incl. half-board (breakfast+dinner) in the lodge one should calculate extra costs of appx. EUR 40,00

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