Manimahesh Lake-Chamba Treks

Manimahesh Lake-Chamba Treks


Takeover Point: Delhi

Maximum Elevation: 3950m

Region: Chamba

Grade : Moderate

Duration: 7 – 8 Days


Standard Trekking Plan

Day1: Traveling to Hardsar/Chamba from Punjab/ Chandigarh/Delhi/Manali. It can another one day from if traveling from Delhi.


Day2 : Hardsar-Dancho :Walking Time 3-4 hrs.> From Hardasr 2280m trail gradually ascends to Dancho. It takes three hrs to walk these 7 kms.


Day3 : Dancho-Mani Mahesh Lake: Walking Time 3-4 hrs.> from Dancho 2550m further climbing to Mani Mahesh Lake 3950m is long and gradual climb.


Day4 : Mani Mahesh Lake-Dancho: Same Route


Day5: Dancho- Hardsar


Day6: Hardsar-Pathankot


Day 7: Travel back to Delhi


Important: This trek is easily approachable from Chamba region and also give you a opportunity to witness importance of faith and religion in Indian life. Many Hindus comes from all over the country and from abroad also to participant in Mani-Mahesh Yatra.


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