Gurla Mandata (Tibet) view of Guru Mandata, Expedition to Guru Mandata (Tibiet)

Gurla Mandata (Tibet)

view of Guru Mandata, Expedition to Guru Mandata (Tibiet)

The Mount Gurlamandata (Namo Nani) is the neighboring mountain, which is situated very close by the sacred called the mountain Kailash. It lies in the western side’s Himalayan ranges lying in the Burang part of Tibet. The local people call it the Namo Nani means the “Fairy’s Peak” and it is made of with six ridges. The west ridge is like the Fan shaped and East Ridge is with very much steeper cliffs. Towards its North the holy lake Manasarovar and Langatse are situated. Gurla Mandata’s base camp is situated on the on the glacier at 5600m, high.


Gural Mandata (Namo Nani) Mountain was first climbed by Sino-Japanese expedition in 1985. After that only 5 ascent up there have been made till to date to this mountain. Presently according to the recent data, a French expedition team has climbed this mountain.


The way to the ascent goes via Zalonpa glacier from the Northern slope. From the top of the Gurla Mandata, you can see the beautiful sparkling lakes Manasariver and Rakchays (Demond lake); and then the mountain Kailash peak can be seen along with this on its background. The ascent can be started from the Zalunpa glacier.


The famous mount Kailash peak and Manasarovar Lake are on the way to this Gurla Mandata Expedition trip and mostly the Indian Hindu visitors are found thronging to visit this holy places as pilgrimage in a huge number.


We facilitate highly professional, well trained and qualified climbing Sherpas for the your expeditions. Many climbers avoid Sherpa guides for the climbing, so because of this, they have been found to facing many hindrances on their way. If you take Sherpas along with you on the expedition, they are very useful in your each and every step of support, which makes your climbing easier to restore your strained energy; and it gives you vigorous strength for your next day’s climbing. Most of the groups, who have gone with the Sherpa guides on the expedition, is found to be succeeded as per our past experiences. So we suggest you to operate your expeditions along with the Sherpa guides.



Day 1 Arrival Kathmandu Transfer to hotel

Day 2 Stay in Kathmandu for Tibet visa procedure

Day 3 Stay in Kathmandu for expedition prepration.

Day 4 Drive to Zangmu (235cm). Overnight in hotel

Day 5 Drive to Nyalam. (3750m). Overnight in hotel

Day 6 Nyalam, rest day and acclimatization

Day 7 Trek to Lake Paiko Tso. Overnight in camp

Day 8 Drive to saga. Overnight in camp

Day 9 Drive to Pariyang. Overnight in camp

Day 10 Drive to Darehen. Overnight in camp

Day 11 Trek to Dhiraphuk Gompa Overnight in camp.

Day 12 Trek over Drolma Pass to Zutulphuk, Overnight in camp

Day 13 Trek to Darche and drive to Mansarovar, Overnight in camp

Day 14 Drive to Gurla Mandata Base Camp

Day 15-34 Climbing Period Gurla Mandata

Day 35 Cleaning up Base Camp

06 Day 36 Drive to Pariyang Overnight in camp

Day 37 Drive to Saga. Overnight in camp

Day 38 Drive to Paiko Tso. Overnight in camp

Day 39 Drive to Nyalan Overnight in hotel

Day 40 Drive to Kathmandu via Kodari border.

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