Sar Pass – Easy Treks

Sar Pass – Easy Treks

Sar Pass Trek

Takeover Point: Delhi

Maximum Elevation: 4250m

Region:Kinaur- Baspa Valley

Grade : Easy

Duration: 9 – 10 Days


Standard Trekking Plan

Himachal Pradesh is richly endowed with diverse attractions for all kinds of adventure sports in addition to picturesque scenic spots. Breathtakingly enchanting trekking areas are spread over Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges between 1500 nits. to 6000 nits. It is an extremely thrilling experience to go through the low scrub land, paddy field, vast expanses strewn with pine needles, sprawling oakjungles, the majestic Himalayan cedar trees (Deodar) and the swift rivers with ice cold water. Trekking in Himachal is bound to be a memorable experience because of the complete sense of communion with nature as well as the great warmth of mingling with gentle hill folks


Day 1: Takeover from Delhi airport and if your flight is landing in day- we travel for Chandigarh which is 5-6 hrs drive from airport. Hotel stay at Chandigarh.


Day 2: Traveling from Chandigarh to Report at Base Camp (Seobagh).


Day 3: Acclimatisation & Orientation.


Day 4: Trek to Grahan. Gradual walking in mountains. Stay in tented accommodation. 4-5 hrs walk.


Day 5: Trek to Ming Thach. Gradual walking in mountains. 4-5 hrs walking- stay in tented accommodation.


Day 6: Trek to Nagaru. Short walk-slow ascent. 3-4 hrs walking in high altitudes- stay at tented accommodation.


Day 7: Trek to Biskeri. 3-4 hrs of walking- tented accommodation.


Day 8: Trek to Bhandak Thach. SARPASS


Day 9: Trek to Base Camp (Seobagh).


Day 10: Travel for Chandigarh- 6-7


Day 11: Back to Delhi- hotel stay.

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