Barot-Himri (The Bhang Trek)

Barot-Himri (The Bhang Trek)

Description- A trek along the old Kangra-Kullu mule route during the British times through 2 low altitude mountain passes, this route goes through the watershed of 2 Beas tributaries, the Uhl in Chhota Bhangal and the Lug Valley streams.


Look out for- Cannabis cultivation all along the route, higher Himalayas of Lahaul and Spiti from Bhubhu and Himri Passes, apple cultivation in Lug Valley, huge horse chestnut trees both sides of Bhubhu pass and Himalayan Birch trees across Himri pass.


Start Point – Barot (N32 02.294 E76 50.753, 1829 mts), District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India


End Point – Karal, District Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India


Highest Point – Himri Pass (N32 02.299 E77 02.958, 3261 mts), District Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India


Lowest Point – Barot (N32 04.085 E77 05.684, 1969 mts), District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India


Difficulty Level – Moderate: Steep ascent to Himri Pass through a trail with thorny undergrowth.


No of days – 5-7


Sample Itinerary


Day Start Point End Point Stay Options

1 Barot Jhatingri PWD Rest House, Jhatingri

2 Jhatingri Silhabdhani Camp Site

3 Silhabdhani Kadaun PWD Rest House, Kadaun

4 Kadaun Pheti Goth Camp Site

5 Pheti Goth Karal Kullu



Trek ProfileTrek Elevation Profile

Trek Elevation Profile



Attached aside is an elevation profile of this trek. The X Axis of the graph shows the horizontal distance while the Y Axis shows the elevation. All the major waypoints on the trek have been plotted on this graph along with their elevations. The distance between waypoints along with the approximate ‘moving time’ between each waypoint has also been provided. This assumes a moderate walking pace with no stops at all. This profile is missing the first 1 and a half days of the trek because of issues with my GPS. The trek starts at Barot, climbs to Jhatingri, goes down to the Uhl river, crosses it and then climbs from Dharmedh to Bulang.


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